Six Sigma Black Belt

Lean Six-Sigma: Black Belt Training

Target Audience: Any middle/upper level professional, who wishes to demonstrate mastery in: Enhancing own and organizational performance, effectiveness, efficiency and productivity. Coaching, Consulting, Instructing, Minimizing costs, Optimizing financial results, Managing multiple projects concurrently and Training Green Belts

A “Certificate of Achievement” will be awarded upon successful completion.

Black Belt – An Overview & Its Benefit

sixsigmaimagesLean-6Σigma Black Belt is a highly disciplined process that focuses on developing and delivering near-perfect products/services consistently. It prepares professionals to carry out proven techniques and methodologies that ultimately improve not only the bottom line, but also the overall culture of any organization to become a World-Class company.

This advanced application-oriented training will allow participants to directly apply Lean-6Σigma principles and quantify its effect on the organizations’ productivity and profitability, thus achieving and sustaining Operational Excellence. Synopsis of the concepts, principles, methodologies, techniques and applications covered in the training session:

Its Major Areas:

➢ Enterprise-Wide Development

➢ Business Process Management

➢ Project Management

➢ Six-Σigma Improvement Methodology

➢ Lean Enterprise / Continuous Excellence

➢ Design for Six-Σigma tools & techniques

Specific Topics

➢ Lean Six-Σigma journey and its value

➢ Matrix and goals / balanced scorecards

➢ ROA, ROI, IRR, NPV, Learning Curve

➢ Team Management Mechanics & Logistics

➢ Measuring data, KPIV’s & KPOV’s

➢ Cause & Effect Matrix/Laws of Six-Σigma

➢ Statistics for Measurement Scales

➢ Data Integrity-Coding / Key Measurements

➢ ANOVA/Gage R&R Analysis/Calibration 

➢ Stats/Binomial-Bimodial Distribution / Dispersion 

More Specific Topics

➢ Measurement Correlation / Bias-Linearity

➢ Central Tendency / Central Limit Theorem

➢ Precision-Accuracy-Tolerance-Variance

➢ Correlation Coefficients / Box Plots / Stem & Leaf

➢ 3 types of Z-Tables / Normal-Exponential Distribution

➢ Stability-Normality / Multi-Variance Analysis

➢ Short Run SPC / CuSum Control Charts / EWMA

➢ Theory of Constraints-Kaizen Blitz / Greco-Latin design

➢ Least Squares Method-Null Hypothesis / TRIZ-DFX

➢ Typical Design Tools / Robust & Axiomatic Design

➢ IDOV Roadmap/SPC/X-MR/XM-MR Charts


Training Cost: Request Quote 

 ** All training would be provided by Quality Training Institute.

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