Six Sigma Green Belt

Lean Six-Sigma: Green Belt Training

Target Audience: Whether in manufacturing, marketing, sales, customer service or finance, Lean-Six Sigma training on Green Belt is ideal for any middle/upper level professional who wishes to enhance performance, effectiveness and productivity.

A “Certificate of Achievement” will be awarded upon successful completion.

Green Belt – An Overview and Its Benefit

sixsigmaimagesLean Six Sigma Green Belt training provides participants with specific and effective problem-solving skills, with emphasis on methodologies like the DMAIC model or DFSS or SPC. Lean-Six Sigma Green Belt certification helps the employee serve as a trained team member within the organization. More specifically, it allows the Green Belt professional to work on any company project, positively impacting the bottom line and improving the organization’s ROI.

This application-oriented training session will allow participants to directly apply Lean principles and quantify its effect on the organizations’ productivity and profitability. Synopsis of the concepts, principles, methodologies, techniques and applications covered in the training session. This training will provide the necessary knowledge in order to pass Green Belt Certification. 

➢ Lean and DFSS

➢ Define Teams & Customers

➢ Project Management

➢ Measure Data & Process Analysis

➢ Measure probability & capability

➢ Analyze linear models

➢ Regression Analysis-Least Squares

➢ Process improvement techniques

➢ Process controlling methods

➢ Change & Ethics in Green Belt

➢ Root cause problem identification

➢ Balanced Scorecards-Ratios

➢ Lean & ROI tools and methods

➢ Kano model-taguchi loss function

➢ Team-Building-Brainstorming

➢ Workplace communication tactics

➢ Quality, risks, costs


➢ Central Limit Theorem

➢ Capability Measurement

➢ Coefficient correlation / determination

➢ Effective use of control charts

➢ Probability & Statistical Analysis

➢ Conditional Probability used to enhance profitability

 Training Cost: Request Quote

** All training would be provided by Quality Training Institute.

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